Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Odd Couple

So G and I have been living in our house for over a month now. He was away working for a couple of weeks just after we moved in so it's only about now that we are starting to "settle in".

G and I have lived together pretty much solidly since we got together. About three months into our relationship, I was living with my dad at the time, he came and stayed for a month. Then when my dad decided to move in with his girlfriend I went to live (rent free, Oh I miss that!) with his dad.

G is a real homebody and has never lived away from home before and when we lived with his dad he was super house proud.
Me, I'd lived away from home and am utterly renown for leaving stuff everywhere. I'm usually super messy and super cluttered. If it can be done tomorrow I'll do it the day after kind of thing.

Wow, that's certainly different now.

He's been off work the last couple of days and whilst he was away I got myself into a real routine. Every morning I'll open all the curtains, put away the washing up that had been left to dry over night, maybe even put a laundry load on, change the bed on Saturday.

I came home yesterday to find all the curtains shut, he's sat in his pants and he turned around and asked me what we were having for dinner tonight.


Luckily he put his clothes on and opened the curtains and we ordered Chinese. However it begs the question of how much of his "house proudness" was actually just his dad cleaning up after him.

I think the moment my doubts started was after we moved in he decided to do some washing. He put his clothes in, set the washing machine and as he hung them out started moaning about how they smelt damp and mouldy.

We had only just moved in and I asked him had he checked to see if the washing machine needed cleaning and if he had used fabric softener...he then asked me what fabric softener was!

Don't get me wrong I never expected him to be a super clean neat freak (I doubt I'd love him as much if he was) but I imagine it'll be like training a puppy. A long lengthy process and he might pee on the carpet a couple of times.

So, wish me luck... not only am I the Anti-Bride but now I'm the Anti-Housewife as well.... I'll keep you posted on any new tricks he learns...

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