Saturday, 20 August 2011

You have to love them ALL the time... even when they are grumpy..

This weekend has brought with it the double-edged sword of Gareth's employment. The dreaded night-shift.

He gets to earn lots of pennies
I get the WHOLE bed to myself
I get to watch all the TV he doesn't like (BINTM, SATC and various other acronym loving shows)
We can guarantee that he isn't working during the days so we can have fun and frolics

He wakes me up coming in at 8am and invariably I cannot get back to sleep
I can't do anything I want to do during the day because of
He's a grumpy miserable bugger
He moans he's on night shift blah blah blah feel guilty do what he wants

I don't REALLY mind as such but at the moment I have a million things I want to get done. I want to go to get some weed killer for the garden, dust, go shopping for food (total Mother Hubbard situation in the kitchen), I want to watch True Blood (The accents are giving him a headache...)

It makes me realise that in some way my life isn't really my own anymore.

This is particularly poignant with my recent quest to revive my writing career. There are so many things that could hold me back, lack of contacts, money, needing somewhere to stay if I were to try and do an internship in London but the biggest thing that holds me back is my relationship and our house.

Now, don't get me wrong I would not give EITHER up for anything. I love my fiance and I love our house but it does make me have to turn down a lot of offers and chances.

Potentially there could be an argument on the horizon over money between us. If it gets to that point. I doubt it will as competition is fierce but I think it'll certainly put us to the test.

So, until that point I will mollycoddle him, make him copious amounts of tea and sacrifice not doing what I want on my weekend because he's really, really tired.

Eeeh, this sounds like a right old miserable entry but I have to point out that despite all this I know WHY he's doing it. He's doing it for us. He's doing it for our future and as grumpy as he is I really, really, really appreciate him for it.


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