Wednesday, 14 September 2011

But it's MY day!!!!

Ok. So hot on the heels of my last post I've just had my first ever bridal breakdown.

I'm talking floods of tears, snot pouring, tantrum throwing breakdown... in my work office at lunchtime.

Yeah, good look.

Basically... and to be diplomatic as possible... my MIL to be is a lovely lady... but she INTERFERES TO HELL.

When we bought our house she kitted out our entire house, she lent me money to pay off a debt (which I am paying her back) and did all of this without any of our input.

House moved into, stuff in and we thought phew that's it.

I just got a call from her to say that she had been for a tour around the two places that we would like to get married. No indication she was going to do this. She got brochures, saw the reception areas, looked at photos and got prices.

I was fuming but could only nod, smile and thank her for inconveniencing herself to help us. So I called my fiance who, unsurprisingly, was just as angry if not more (He and his mum don't have the best relationship) and ended up calling her and having a bit of a pop.

It's a bit hard because I want to keep everybody happy and, normally, this would be the part that my mother would have stuck her oar in and stuck up for me without me saying anything to make people feel bad.

But my mum isn't here and I don't really have anybody that can do that for me other than G.

So apparently she was quite upset and stated that she hadn't given any of our details away etc etc and now I feel like shit.

The girls in the office, G and my sister have all told me not to be so silly. Better now than a year down the line but why can't I help but feel like shit. I HATE to upset people and often I may come across as two faced but it's literally because I just don't want to upset people. Call me chicken shit but I hate confrontation and I'd rather bottle it up sometimes.

So now I have a fiance who has shouted at his mum, a MIL to be that feels embarrassed and hurt (and apparently even cried a little bit) and now I feel like I can't face, my sister is bouncing off the walls furious that people are "interfering" when I know full and well she will as well, a completely apathetic father who's opinion is he'll just sign the cheques and turn up...

and I haven't even looked, let alone picked, a venue yet.

Oh dearrr...

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  1. You might just be my new BFF! I believe I am going to be the next anti bride or infact the first anti bride because my wedding is in 6 months! Yes,its true I have a bridal blog but I set that up when I was thinking of it as a business and not personal! And now I have a wedding to plan and eeks! Scary as hell! and I want it all MY way!
    I am so glad to know I'm not alone! (ps..I might lose a substantial amount of readers if they knew I was petrified of weddings!)