Friday, 30 September 2011

The crazy is setting in...

I know I haven't posted in ages.. things have started to pick up a bit of speed and I seem to have come down with a case of sickness....
Wedding Fever.

ME, the freaking anti-bride is getting gooey, schmultzy, and over the top about the stupides things.

I can totally understand where the whole Bride-zilla thing comes from. You totally get stuck in the moment.

I'm already struggling with budget... £3k will cover the reception venue, catering, drink and everything. Photography is costing quite a lot (I wanted a specific photographer), £250 for the actual wedding... I haven't even started on dresses etc.

I'm trying my hardest to step back and be a bit less crazy but they really do suck you in. I keep dreaming about table plans, dresses and guestlists....

If this is what I'm like now then christ, what am I going to be like in a years time. EEEP!

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